Public Code

rl - Reinforcement Learning §

A simple reinforcement learning library as an exercise to learn more on the subject and to solve the programming exercises from Sutton and Barto's RL book.

Currently contains: customizable state and action structures, tabular and parametric value functions, non-parametric policies, multi-armed bandit and Markov decision process problem structures, and an increasing amount of solution methods: Policy and value iteration, SARSA, Q-learning, MCTS, and temporal difference search, with more to come.

Available at abaisero/rl.

rl_parsers - Reinforcement Learning Parsers §

Stand-alone repository containing parsers for files related to RL. Currently contains parsers for the standard .POMDP as well as custom .FSC (Finite State Controller) and .FSS (Finite State Structure) formats which I use for my own research.

Available at abaisero/rl_parsers.

indextools - Tools for Semantic Indexing §

Family of classes which represent bijections between sets of $N$ structured and/or semantic values/objects and a corresponding set of indices $\{0, \ldots, N-1\}$; Useful to represent (and access) tables of values indexed directly by objects with meaningful interfaces and attributes.

The provided classes automate (via a user-friendly interface) the conversions between values and indices.

Available at abaisero/indextools.

pytk - Python Toolkit §

A personal repository of general purpose utilities including: context managers, decorators, iterators, collections, and 3D geometry classes.

Available at abaisero/pytk (code base in continuous fluctuation, and not significantly stable). - This Website §

This website is developed using Flask, a minimalistic python framework for webapp development which uses the Jinja templating language to build page structure and Markdown to fill in the content. The style is powered by Bootstrap (an HTML/CSS/JS framework) and Font Awesome (an icon toolkit). Despite not being a web developer, these tools allowed me to create this website with ease.

Available at abaisero/